October 23, 2010


So, Halloween keeps getting closer and closer and I keep getting farther and farther behind on our costumes.  But that's okay...since I'm at home with Lil' Sis today, I will be able to hopefully get something done.  Yeah, I know, I'm funny!  She's home from school today, sick and throwing up.  Yea for me!

Still....I should be able to get something done.  And I did!  Check it out.

I bought the knee highs at Target for $2 and the sweater at the D.A.V. for $3.  Then, I had to buy RIT orange dye.  Cuz Velma likes her some orange clothes!

Have to tell you...dying clothes or anything for that matter is oh, so fun.  Standing in front of a big pot of orange goo, stirring constantly for 30 minutes or more is not my idea of a good time, but it is better than hunting hours and hours for an orange turtle neck.  Oh wait....I did that already and opted on the white instead.

The turtleneck didn't turn out as dark as I had wanted.  But I was reading the directions on the dye and realized that I was trying to dye a 100% acrylic sweater...which they don't recommend doing.  I stuck that sweater in the dye for an hour and this is as dark as it got.  And yes, I got to stir it for an hour as well.  The socks on the other hand only took 30 minutes.  I think since I am only wearing it for halloween most people with get the idea.

Now....off to try to make the skirt.

Thanks for coming by today. 

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