October 26, 2010

Lil' Miss Thang

After school today CX had a slight drama and I had to help him sort things out and get him calmed down.  He was hiding underneath his covers and sobbing.  Just because he got told on by a punk kid on the bus ride home.  He is so sensitive and I love that about him, but sometimes it just wears me thin.

While I was consoling CX in his bedroom I heard tinkering around in the kitchen but didn't think too much about it.  Well, I came around the corner and this is what I found.

Lil' Sis standing on an upside down trash can and trying to cook something in the microwave.

She was so proud of herself and actually, so am I.  She made her own after school snack; chips, cheese and salsa.  She had already even picked up the mess that she had made as well!  WOW!!!  This girl must have been one hungry gal! 

The only thing that she needed help with was how long to cook it.  She wanted it to be just like how daddy makes them for her.  She did a really good job.  They look just like what daddy makes and she actually made less of a mess making them than her daddy does!  Don't tell him I said that.

Don't they look yummy?!


She's getting to be so independent and confident.  I'm so proud of her.

Thanks for visiting today.  I have a little project that I whipped up today that I am planning on sharing tomorrow.  You'll have to come back to see what it is.  Til' then....ta ta!

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