October 27, 2010

Little clutch

Remember this cute little thing?!?!

Well...I had to make one.  I just had to!  And now I think I may have awaken a monster.

If you don't remember this cutie above you need to check out here or here where I posted about it earlier.

Any who, I trotted my happy little rump over to the local leather store in big town and low and behold they were having a leather remnant sale.  Oh happy day!  I was only going to get enough to make one, but the remnants were $5 a piece and I couldn't resist!  I bought purple python embossed suede, green crocodile embossed leather, a lovely textured baby blue leather and a cool textured black leather.  I'm stoked baby!

Well...then I had to come home and make one.  But not until the Halloween costumes are all done.  Finished my Velma outfit.  I'll tell you about that later.  Too-excited!

First thing I did was cut the suede into a rectangle.  I decided on the purple first, dunno why, just did.

This picture makes it look more grey, but I guarantee you it is purple.  You'll see in a second.

See....it is purple!

Then I folded the suede two thirds of the way up and measured where I wanted the flap to be.  Then I angled a cut like Cheri did in her tutorial.  Like this...

Next, it took me forever, but I finally found a plate that I could use as a template to round off the top of the flap.  Ta da!

Are you digging it yet?  Wait, it gets better!

Then I opened it all up and decided which material to use as the lining.


 I wanted to line the entire clutch, not just the flap.  I decided on this funky stuff.

I then ironed wonder under on the back side of the lining and then to the wrong side of the suede.  I trimmed around the suede making sure that no material was hanging over the edges.  This is what I have now.

Oh, side note...I got a little too carried away with my rotary cutter and nicked my knuckle.  Nice, no?!  Are you starting to catch onto a trend here?  The title of my blog is not just for catchiness...it is totally earned!  If you look a little closer, you can see a burn from the stencil cutter last week.

Man, I have old lady hands already!

Anyway, after I got it all trimmed up, I took my no fray stuff; fray check, and went around the entire edges of the clutch.

Now, I sewed up the edges with grey thread for contrast and around the flap edge.  I did two lines of stitch for added contrast.  Then, the big decision....which button to use.  Hmm...

Look how big it is on the inside.  Not huge, but not too small that you can't carry anything in it.

Isn't the inside cute, too?  I like it. 

I sewed on a little block of Velcro and then covered the Velcro with the last button.  Lil' sis  really liked it one with the purple.  What are you gonna do?  I kinda liked the big brown wooden one, but she insisted on this one and it looks pretty good.

It is actually big enough to put one of those flat wallet things in it...whatever they are called.  Plus a few other things.

So what do you think?

Thanks for coming by to check out my blog.

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  1. This is so cute! I love little purses that you can take out with you, but too often they just only hold my wallet. I love the idea of making one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really like that clutch!! The suede looks brilliant. No wonder you couldnt figure out which button to pick - they all look great! Saw your post over on Someday Crafts. You now have another follower. :)

  3. Hey Autumn! Your clutch looks fabulous! I LOVE the fabric you used to line it. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I'll definitely be linking it up in the next "You Roared" segment. Thanks! Great work!

  4. Another great clutch.. LOVE it!!!


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