October 23, 2010


Today was the last day of the soccer season and we just had to end the season with both of the kiddos playing double headers.  Nothing like spending all morning at the soccer fields.

It really wasn't that bad...just long, especially since the kids were pooped out for their second games.  But it's over now until spring, so YEA!

Since soccer is ending...there of course has to be celebrations.  And we had two today to go to, one for each kid and then we also had a Halloween party to attend and a birthday party.  Jeez!  It is almost like it is Christmas time as busy as we were today.

Here's some pics from Lil' Sis's soccer party.

Sorry about the picture.  You can never be too careful as far as I am concerned.  Unfortunately!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I'm off to work on Velma's skirt and Freddie's shirt.   Til next time!

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