November 18, 2010

Yo V.I.P. Let's kick it!

Ice, ice baby, too cold, too cold!

Okay, that was totally random, but every time I think about the new shirt that I made CX that's what comes to my mind.

Why, you ask?!

Well, it was Children's Book Week at school this week.  Everyday they have had something fun planned for the kiddos and today they had to wear a shirt with a word on it.  Something appropriate of course!  So, me being the smart butt came up with this idea for CX.....ready?  Really, this took me a lot of time to come up with don't judge.  Mmmkay?


I know!  You are totally stunned right?!?!  I am a creative genius and at times I even scare myself!  Anyway, my dearest thought that I needed to put something on the back of the shirt.  So I came up probably figured it out already, but I'm gonna share with those of you who might not understand the intro..."To your mother".

Yeah, I know!  It's awesome, right?!

Dearest didn't think anyone would get it...and if you don't I can draw a picture, but it might just be better to let you see this...

Still don't know?  Hmmm...I didn't think I was that old, but okay, google Vanilla Ice.  Nuff bout that!

Anyway, onto the shirts that I made CX and Lil' Sis.  They wanted one of a kind shirts, so I of course, had to make them!  Can't let down my kiddos!

So, for CX we came up with "Word....Respect it" and for Lil' Sis "Statement...That's what I am".  Daddy dearest came up with those, so don't blame me.  I wanted to make a freezer paper stencil because they are sooo easy to do and I had everything on hand.  Yea for me!  Especially since my craft room is being boxed up.

I printed out the text that I wanted.

Then I traced the text out onto the matte side of the freezer paper.  Not the shiny side!

Then I set out to cut the letters out with my exacto knife.  Make sure that you cut on a cutters mat or a thick stack of paper.  Don't want to ruin that table!

Make sure to keep the insides of the my "O" and "D" from above!  You'll need those in a minute!

Next, you need to take a sheet of freezer paper and place it inside the shirt or whatever you are stenciling.  The paint will bleed a little and you don't want it to bleed all the way thru to the other side.  Then, I just took my iron and set it on the hottest setting, no steam!  And just ironed on the stencil.  Make sure the shiny side is down...otherwise your stencil will be backwards and it will stick to your iron!

Remember those little pieces from inside the letters?  Now you need to place them back where they belong and iron them on as well.  Again, make sure shiny side is down!

Next, I just used any old craft paint that I had and painted inside the stencil.  The pink on black took me about 6 coats, but the grey on orange only took about 3.  Then remove the stencil before it dries completely, otherwise the stencil may remove some of the paint from the shirt.  Not that I learned that from a previous craft or anything.  Carefully remove those little pieces as well.  Then....let it dry.

Next, I took a thin towel and ironed over the stencil to set the paint.  And viola!  Your stencil is done!

I, of course, had to jazz the shirts up just a tad.  Did you know that embroidery floss is only 35 cents and can really spice up a shirt?!  Well, you do now!

And of course, Lil' Sis's had to have some bling as well!

See the crystals around "statement" and on the shoulders!  Oh yeah! 

They looked so cute when they left for school this morning.  CX told me that he was really lucky to have such a good mom to make him things like the shirt.  AWE!  He's such a suck up!  =)

Thanks for checking me out today.  If you make a freezer paper stencil, just let me know.  I'd love to see what you did!  Hope my tutorial helped you out!

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