December 12, 2010

Topsy Turvy

My husband, Sir, is back from bow hunting in Illinois and so I am no longer a hunting widow again.  I am hoping that this will be it for a while.  But I won't hold my breath!  My man sure does love to hunt, even though he doesn't  rarely kills anything, he does have a good time.  It's probably refreshing to get away from the stress of work and your family!  Not that we are stressful or anything!  Yeah, right!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little memory so that one day I will be able to remember.  I'm kind of forgetful and clumsy.  Double threat!  Yep, that's me!

This past weekend we moved the kiddos into the big bonus room above the garage.  Remember this room?

I don't know what's up with this pic.  Sorry. 

Anyway, it is the length of the large 3 car garage.  It is finished, except for flooring.  We decided it would probably be smarter to wait for flooring until after all of the remodeling is done.  So, without carpet my children are now sleeping in this huge room all by themselves.  How cool is that?!?!?!  This is night number two and all is well, so far.  It's a good test for when their rooms are done in the basement.  I don't really think we'll be having a problem.  Thank goodness!

Well, that isn't the memory that I wanted to share.  This Saturday was such a nice day.  The four of us had so much fun just moving things around, throwing things away and just being together.  The kids were so excited to move up into the room.  It is a big change. 

CX was a little sad because he was moving out of the room he has only ever known.  And honestly, I was a little sad a well.  Once everything was out of their room...I could see all the things that used to be in there.  The crib that my precious little bundle would sleep in and the blue chair that I would sit in at all hours of the night and nurse him.  It kind of choked me up...but as Sir says, "Change is good for everyone." 

If only I fully believed that.  I'm the kind that likes to stay in the warm comfort of familiar.  I know, it seems weird to some, but I fear change.  That's why this whole remodeling thing is a good thing for me.  It is making me embrace my disability.

Then, after we moved the kiddos, it was time for us to move into their room.  Why?  Well, the plumbing in our bedroom will be connected to their rooms in the basement and if we can run those lines now, while our "plumber" is slow it will make the process a little faster.  Remember, I like instant gratification as well.  Again, the remodel is a good thing on more than one level for me.

So, all weekend, I have turned my house upside down.  And now, as I sit here typing this, I should be cleaning my house because I am surrounded by everything and anything my children have ever owned.  It looks like we literally picked the house up and turned it upside down.  Now I just have to remember which room is mine! 

Thanks for reading my little ole blog.  Hope to see you again soon.

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