February 17, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

The elementary school that my kiddos go to always have things going on for the families and kids.  Their PTA is amazing.

This past Friday they had a Father/Daughter dance.

Lil' Sis was so excited she couldn't hardly stand it.  We had to get a new outfit for her.  I told her we could go where ever she wanted for the outfit, and where did she want to go?

Target!  Yep!  She is definitely her mothers daughter!

We found a cute little cardigan with a tank top and a skirt.  Then we had to get tights and some cute little shoes.  Geez!  That poor kid is so deprived, she didn't have anything to wear!

Friday after school she walks into the house and says, "Is it time to get dressed yet?"

"No sweetheart.  The dance is still 3 hours away."

She was so excited!  We ended up getting her dressed an hour before it was time to go.

She really wanted her hair in pigtails but we decided to put a few braids in it and pull it back into a pony tail.

Then we had to wait for daddy to get home.  That was probably the longest part of day for her.
Once daddy got home, we had to get him changed and then grab a few pics before it was time to leave for their date.

Then CX and I left for our date.  We went to the cheap theatre and watched "Mega Mind".  Loved the movie and spending time with my little man.  (He hates when I call him that!)  Then when we got home, we were in trouble with little missy because we saw a movie without her.  Whoops!

It was worth it though!  It's good for the kiddos to have one on one time with us.

She had a great time with her daddy.  And daddy had a lot of fun dancing with his little princess.  (Gag me!)

Thanks for reading today.

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