February 18, 2011

I'm Corn-fused!

Okay, so I have been reading up on a few blogs about little things that I can do to make my blog a little easier to navigate.

There are things that I didn't even know that I could do...but I always wondered about.

Like the "You might also like..." boxes at the bottom of every post.  So cool, but no idea how to do it.

And then the "Home" pages that are on other blogs.  I always love the tutorial pages on other blogs, then I don't necessarily have to read the other posts if I am just looking for something to make.

So, I thought I would try my hand at it.  It is time consuming, but possible.  And let me tell you something...I am frustrated at my computer.  I don't know what the kiddos I have done, but half of my photos are gone from my blog.  What the?  Where did they go? 

I'm quite upset because my little Lotus Clutch that I made for SILTBSD (Sister In Law To Be Some Day) for Christmas, those pics are gone.  It was so stinking cute!  Whats a girl to do?

Anywho...if you are looking, I did make a tutorial page.  Just click on the word "Tutorials" and it will take you right to that page.  If you make something from my tutorials i would love to see it!  Please send pics!

Thanks for stopping in today.  Have a wonderful day.


  1. For the "more like this" google link within. It go to their site and follow the directions. It is easier than you think!

  2. Rachel,
    Thanks for the help! I will definitely check it out!


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