March 12, 2011

5 minute bracelet REALLY!

The church that I attend has blessed me with the opportunity to come up with a craft for one of the ladies ministry meetings.

How cool is that?!  They think I'm crafty!

I wear my own jewelry creations and get compliments on them quite often.  Well, someone asked me to come up with a jewelry project and this is what I made.

Now, here is the tricky part.

The project has to be easy and quick to make.
Not everyone is at the same skill level as you.

It has to be rather inexpensive.
Don't want to spend a lot of money on something someone may not want in the first place.

It has to appeal to 16 year old as well as 60 year old ladies.
We have a broad age spectrum for our ladies ministry.

Okay, now what to make.

I came upon a creation in an old beading magazine that I picked up at a flea market months ago.  I have no idea who created it...the magazine was in pretty bad shape, so I can't give credit where it is due.  Sorry, but if you made this and its your idea, please let me know and I will fix my post.

What are they?  I call them inspiration bracelets.

Lets make one and maybe it will inspire you too!


1.  1mm leather cord (any color will do, I picked black)
2.  Silver tubing or spacer beads
3.  Head pin or eye pin
4.  Charm of your choice

First I measure the circumference of my wrist.

6 1/2"

I then took the leather cording and cut the leather adding one inch, so I cut a total of 7 1/2" of leather cording.

Trust's 7 1/2"!

I then grabbed my silver tubing and stuck 1/4" of the leather cord into one end of the tube.

Then I took my crimper and crimped the tube closed over the cord.

I then took my eye pin and put the charm onto it.

I am having a really hard time taking pictures and explaining how to make a wired loop.  So, click on here to see how.  She explains it so much better. 

But I made a wired loop, strung it onto my leather cord with the tubing already attached to one side.

Then I took my crimper again, and crimped the bead close.  Remember to add just about 1/4" inside the tube.

Ta Da!  You are done!

The bracelet should be big enough that you can slip it over your hand.  One is a little bit snugger than the other, but I made it work!

Seriously, do you know how difficult it is to take a picture with one hand?!

And there you have it!  The 5 minute bracelet!  This post only took me about 10 times as long to make!

Thanks for stopping by today!  If you make one, I would love to see pics!

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  1. Looks good. Now, if only you could come up with how to complete a blog post in 5 minutes, we'd be cookin'! Thanks for linking up to Gettin' Krafty With It!


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