March 15, 2011

Weekend work

This Saturday was another day of destruction at my casa.

Remember the basement?

Well, we pulled up all the nastiness that was the flooring!

It was one of the sickest things ever!  My husband lived in this house with a bunch of other guys before he met me.  It was definitely the epitome of a bachelor pad or fraternity house!
(There was a kegerator in the kitchen, a pool table in the living room, and a head size hole in the stair well!)

The carpet had mystery stains that I didn't even want to know were.  And then, the padding had the same as well!


So, this is what the basement looks like now!

We also removed the wall in the pantry/laundry room.



Then on Sunday we decided to be adventurous and do some electrical work.

Moved the lighting from point A
Sorry...didn't get a picture before we put the board up.

to point B.

Then we decided to get all wild and crazy!

We built a wall!



Yes, Sir and I made it with our own hands!  I was so stoked that we did it all on our own!
How cool is that?!  To say that "I built a wall in my house!".

Sorry, maybe not so cool for everyone.

This will be the wall between my pantry and closet. 

That's all we did this weekend.

Slowly but surely we are making progress.

Thanks for reading today.  Come back again!

1 comment:

  1. Is that all!!! Wow you really did quite a bit of work over the weekend. I laughed when you mentioned fraternity house and kegerator. I can just imagine the smell. :)
    My best- Diane


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