April 13, 2011

On the road again!

I walked this morning again!  Yep two days in a row, I am on a roll!

I weighed in this morning at a whopping 145.  I am thinking that I only need to weigh myself once a week.  Otherwise I might get discouraged and stop.

Since, it is very obvious that I am not losing weight, I don't seem to mind right now.  I just feel really good about myself.  My attitude seems to be better and I am getting more done during the day.  Weird, huh?!?!

So, I wanted to share with you all that I taught my first jewelry class last night!


I was nervous, but very excited.  I knew everyone that was there, and the ones that I didn't know that well it gave me a chance to chat with them a little bit.  We made the bracelets that I blogged about here.  Just had to tweak them a little bit.  I put a clasp on them.  And the fun thing about the class was that I had a general plan and everyone just went with it.  They had their personalities come out in their pieces...not one was alike and I love that!

I think that is why I love to craft.  I love how we all have similar ideas and strive for the same things, but our individualism just peeks thru here and there.  I think that is why it is so hard for me to buy mass produced things.  Especially if I think I can make it!  It's a challenge!

Well, I am off.   Have things to do and people to see.

Thanks so much for stopping in.  I am really wanting to create something for you all, but without a camera it is very hard to do that.  I do have my camera on my phone, but the pictures aren't always the greatest.  I might have to break down and buy me a cheap-o.  Although, it would probably be more advantageous to just bite the bullet and get a good one.

Any recommendations on a good camera?  I'm not a professional by any means, but I would like to be able to take pictures at CX's games and Lil' Sis's programs without them being blurry.

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